Visiting International Journalists: Exchange Circles and Panel Presentation

Visiting International Journalists: Exchange Circles and Panel Presentation

In our first follow up to December’s extraordinary Journalism under Fire event, we’re thrilled to offer the Santa Fe community two opportunities on Monday, April 15th to connect with a coming delegation of international journalists, here as Edward R Murrow Program Participants. First, we’ll convene a number of Citizen Exchange Circles, where we’ll sit in small groups with the visiting journalists to learn all about the state of journalism in their home countries. And then, that night, we’ll hear from a selection of journalists on the CIR stage in a moderated conversation with Dave MarashWhat, for instance, are the current challenges for Egyptian or Turkish journalists? It promises to be a fantastic day of connection, insight, and exchange.

Event 1: Citizen Exchange Circles. Small group dialogue exploring major themes (as below) from the visitors’ perspectives. Participants will sit at a table with 2 or 3 of the visitors for an in-depth discussion of their countries’ media landscape.

Where: Hotel Santa Fe. 1:00 – 3:00pm. NOTE THE TIME CHANGE (was previously 1:30-3:30). 1501 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe.

Admission is free, but you must register here.

Event 2: Journalism under Fire: A Panel Discussion among International Journalists

Where: The Lodge. 5pm Cash bar and networking. Panel discussion 5:30 – 7:00pm. 750 N. St Francis, Santa Fe.

Tickets are $8 and available here.

Who are the journalists? While as per US State Department regulations we can’t tell you their names, here are their countries and organizations:

Belarus – from the BelaPAN Information Agency
Bolivia – from the Página Siete Newspaper
Burundi – from the National Communication Council
Czech Republic – from Denik N
Egypt – from Agence France Presse
Gaza Strip – from the Gaza Center for Media Freedom
Hong Kong – from the Ming Pao Daily Newspaper
India – from the Hindustan Times
Ireland –
from the
Kyrgyz Republic – from the Kloop Media Foundation
Latvia – from Magazine IR
Malawi – from the Times Group
Mexico – from the Reforma Newspaper
Nigeria – from Premium Times Newspapers
Poland  – from TVN24
Sénégal – from Newspaper Enquete
South Africa – from the South African Broadcasting Corporation
Suriname – from the Surinaamse Televisie Stichting (STVS)
Tunisia – from Radio Jerid FM
Turkey – from the Sozcu Daily

They are visiting the U.S. to better understand, and to share their own experiences on:

  • the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy and the principles and laws governing the press in the United States
  • the evolution, current status, and trends in journalistic investigations and research in the United States
  • unique aspects that distinguish investigative reporting from traditional journalism
  • the role that investigative journalists play in U.S. society as they raise awareness of issues of social concern and report on illegal, irregular, or abusive actions on behalf of government, politicians, criminals or corporations
  • the impact of social media, new communication technologies, citizen journalism, and alternative forms of investigative reporting
  • best practices in ensuring that reports are fact checked.

Tickets are available here.