International Visitor Programs

: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a temporary pause of international exchange programming.

In additional to our educational and social activities for members and the wider community, CIR hosts programs for international visitors. Most of our visitors come to us from visitor programs sponsored by the U.S. government:

We’ll do our best to keep this completely up-to-date so that you have every opportunity to meet our amazing visitors.

On occasion, we also host visitors on a fee-for-service basis.  The visitors are participating in various leadership and study programs often emerging leaders in government, politics, business, education, science, art, health care and other fields important to their communities.

CIR member volunteers provide visitors with interesting and enriching experiences. They arrange  meetings, meals and cultural exchanges.  Escorting visitors to their meetings, volunteers learn about the individuals and the countries from which they come, as well as the workings of the counterpart organizations here in Santa Fe.  Since its inception, Santa Fe CIR has welcomed more than 5,000 international visitors.  Our office staff help coordinate member activities.  As described on the Volunteer page of this website, these programs provide great opportunities for our members to learn more international relations and the community.