2014 IVLP Gold Star Participant – Chichi Okafor – Came to Santa Fe, Feb 10th

Chinyelu “Chichi” Okafor participated in the “2009 Women and Entrepreneurship” IVLP and returned to Nigeria inspired to make a difference in her community.

Impressed by the influence that IGNITE (Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution) had on teenage girls in the United States to pursue careers in science and technology, Okafor launched an IGNITE program in Lagos in 2010 which has impacted more than 200 girls in 20 schools. She has plans to expand the program throughout Nigeria and is particularly interested in outreach to Muslim youth.

Okafor is a leading Nigerian businesswoman who is serious about her role as a mentor to other women in the business community. Her pursuits include working on training sessions to encourage female entrepreneurs, coordinating events which are designed to ensure that women have a voice in the business community, serving as the co-chair of the Nigerian Chapter of Women Corporate Directors, and playing an active role in the Nigerian Association for IVLP Alumni.

Okafor embodies the spirit of female professional leadership to which many aspire. She is a dynamic public speaker and is able to effectively combine her passion for business and technology.