Upcoming International Visitors

Who is coming to Santa Fe? Below find a list of all our upcoming young global leaders. We are always looking for folks who might want to lead a delegation around town, or invite these leaders to your home for a (tax-deductible!!!) meal. Contact Brent for more information.

 October 2017

October 11-17: Arts and Community Revitalization (4 Arts managers from Bahrain). In Santa Fe, we will introduce visitors to the unique art traditions of the American southwest through explorations of arts education in schools, the growth of DIY Community Arts Spaces, and state and local government support for the arts. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore artist collectives in the region including fiber arts collectives in Northern New Mexico


October 11-15: Women and Entrepreneurship (6 Entrepreneurs and artists from Tajikistan). In the course of this program, we will engage Tajik artists and small business owners with business incubators, support groups for entrepreneurs, small business, and artist collective models for marketing and distributing regional handicrafts. Participants will learn about micro-loan opportunities for American entrepreneurs, discuss mentoring opportunities for start-ups, online marketing, and social entrepreneurship models for businesses.



October 19-20: Indigenous Leadership (8 Youth Mentors and Educators from Australia). During this program, participants will have the opportunity to engage with their counterpart youth mentors at the Santa Fe Indian School and the Institute for American Indian Arts, as well as nonprofit organizations including Wings for America and Silver Bullet Productions, and government state government entities including the New Mexico Bureau of Indian affairs. With their colleagues in the U.S., Australian participants will discuss advocacy and education for youth from indigenous communities, as well as issues of sovereignty, tribal governance, and land rights relevant to this region.

October 18-21: Science for Parks; Parks for Science (8 Park Rangers and Protected Area Managers from Peru). During this project, visitors will exclusively visit Durango Colorado and protected areas across Southern Colorado to discuss best practices in National Park management, wildlife protection, and mitigating the effects of human presence in the San Juan National Forest. Although participants will not step foot in Santa Fe, our organization is coordinating the logistics for this project and developing meeting opportunities at Mesa Verde National Park, with the San Juan National Forest Ranger Station, City council and Mayors office in Durango, CO, and more.

October 17-21: Resilient Societies: Job Creation for Youth (6 Youth Mentors, Educators, and Employment Advocates from Morocco). In Santa Fe, participants from Morocco will engage with youth mentoring organizations, secondary schools and business mentoring advocates to consider strategies for employing youth in Northern New Mexico. During this meetings, discussions will address vocational education and training for youth, engagement through the arts, and employment training and fair hiring practices.


>>Previous Visitors<<

June 2017






June 2-12: Our Council, once again, is delighted to host a group of Ukrainian environmental experts for a homestay program on behalf of the Open World Leadership Center and U.S. Ukraine Foundation. Local host families from within our membership will welcome visitors to our community for a week; we will create connections among leaders of local nonprofits, government entities, and indigenous communities with our visitors to consider mutual interests in environmental protection.



June 4-14: Building a Palestinian National Opera (4 education leaders from the West Bank). CIR is honored to receive four leaders in the arts and eduction from the West Bank to collaborate on capacity building efforts to get the Palestinian National opera team launched in time for Bethlehem’s upcoming year-long position as the 2020 Culture Capital of the Arab World.


June 7: NGO Management in the U.S. (20 Nonprofit directors from around the world). CIR will host 20 visiting nonprofit directors from nearly every continent, to consider NGO management structures, fundraising, and collaboration. In New Mexico, they’ll focus on meeting nonprofit directors from environmental protection organizations , international NGO’s, and arts organizations.


June 17-20: Emerging African Leaders ( 9 Business Leaders from francophone Africa). Santa Fe has the opportunity to host 9 entrepreneurs and business advocates from across French speaking Africa. They will meet with organizations that support entrepreneurship, including State Government entities, local business incubators, and artist collectives.


June 21-24: Cultural Heritage Preservation for Belarus ( 5 Belarusian non-profit directors). CIR is proud to host 5 cultural preservation organization leaders from Belarus to learn about Santa Fe’s unsurpassed historic preservation and cultural heritage. They will also be speaking publically at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture about the history and culture of Belarus (3pm, Friday June 23, free for CIR members).


June 25th: Cultural Heritage Preservation in the U.S. (13 Visitors from a diverse group of nations). CIR has been given the honor of hosting 13 international leaders in Santa Fe. The visitors will meet with individuals involved in the education, promotion and conservation of cultural Heritage. They will also take site visits to several unique cultural heritage sites in several of the 19 Pueblos.


June 28th: Refugee and Migration Integration in Europe ( 14 Visitors from around Europe). CIR will host 14 European visitors who will meet with city officials, Mayor Gonzales, and state legislators to discuss Santa Fe’s Sanctuary City Status, and discuss resettlement and integration in the U.S. and Europe.


 July 2017

July 13-16: African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (5 African Women Business Leaders). Santa Fe will host 5 African Women business leaders from a variety of industries. These leaders will discuss small business development, gender dynamics in local and international economies, and the role of NGO’s in women’s empowerment.






July 19-25: Preventing Looting of Conflict Antiques and Cultural Heritage Preservation (19 International Visitors from the Middle East and North Africa). Santa Fe is proud to host 19 internationals from Arab nations to consider best practices in prevention of the looting and trafficking of cultural antiques. The visitors will share their knowledge surrounding artifact maintenance and tracking with archeologists, historians, and state government entities in and around Santa Fe.





August 2017

August 5–8: Entrepreneurship for Regional Revitalization (5 Entrepreneurs from Japan). Overlapping with the Global Ties regional summit and Learning Lab, we have the opportunity to host 5 Japanese entrepreneurs, considering rural revitalization and collaborations between business, governments, and nonprofits to encourage creative collaborate development.






August 6-9: U.S. Society, Culture, and Education (4 Visitors from Latin America). Four representatives of American Spaces in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica will participate in a program focusing on American history, society, and English language education. They will visit Santa Fe to learn about and experience U.S. cultural diversity, the role of NGOs, public private partnerships, and volunteerism.






August 17-23: Accountability in Government (8 Prosecutors and Legal Advisors from Jordan). We are pleased to host 8 participants from Jordan who will be engaging elected officials and NGO groups to examine the methods employed by the public sector to prevent corruption, encourage ethical leadership and transparency, and ensure accountability and responsibility to the public.






August 18-23: Tourism and Economic Development (12 Tourism Officials from Saudi Arabia). Santa Fe will host visiting tourism officials from across Saudi Arabia to explore trends in tourism, such as adventure tourism, cultural tourism, food tourism, family tourism, heritage tourism, and eco-tourism; and to discuss strategies for advocacy for the U.S. tourism industry.






August 24–30: Our Planet: Parks and Protected Area Management (7 Park Rangers from across the globe). CIR will create connections among international park rangers and their counterparts at the Santa Fe regional NPS headquarters, regional National Monuments, and other protected areas in the Santa Fe National forest. Discussion will include protecting sensitive eco-systems, and endangered wildlife.






September 2017

September 21-27: Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders II (12 elected officials and leaders from across Europe). In Santa Fe, we will expose participants to current political, economic, and social issues at the state and local levels. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the pluralistic nature of the United States and regional variations through exposure to all levels of the political system and key social and economic issues, such as education, regional economic challenges, social welfare, environment, energy, health care, immigration and security.