Upcoming International Visitors

Who is coming to Santa Fe? Below find a list of all our upcoming young global leaders. We are always looking for folks who might want to lead a delegation around town, or invite these leaders to your home for a (tax-deductible) meal. Contact Joey for more information.

2019 Accepted Programs

Advancing Minority Rights

Number of Visitors: 15
This is a regional project for Europe: Countries include Armenia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Kosovo, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Dates in Santa Fe: June 8-12, 2019

The protection of universal human rights is a core tenet of U.S. foreign policy. This project will focus on U.S. and international efforts to raise awareness and acceptance of human and civil rights for ethnic, cultural, gender, racial, and religious minority communities. The project will explore U.S. advocacy efforts at the local, state, national, and international levels, to elevate the equality and dignity of minority communities. Participants will examine political, legislative, judicial, and civil society perspectives on supporting and advancing minority rights.

Ending Gender-Based Violence

Number of Visitors: 10
This is a regional project for Africa. Countries include Ethiopia, Eritrea, Eswatini, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, South Africa, South Sudan, and Tanzania.

Dates in Santa Fe: June 24th, 2019

This project will explore strategies to combat gender-based violence in the United States, efforts to sensitize government officials and law enforcement to the needs of the abused, and strategies to support and protect survivors of abuse. Participants will interact with staff of NGOs, faith-based organizations, legal services providers, and government agencies, exploring how these institutions function and how they collaborate to protect women and children and educate men and boys about their responsibilities as well as educate victims about their rights. The project will examine civil society efforts to support victims of gender violence as well as legal efforts to prosecute perpetrators. Participants will also have opportunities to learn what U.S. organizations are doing abroad to support programs that address the specific gender-based violence issues in their home countries

Addressing the Needs of Under-Served and At-Risk Youth

Number of Visitors: 12
This is a multi-regional project: Countries include Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, and Uruguay. 

Dates in Santa Fe: June 12-15, 2019

The economic and civic disenfranchisement of large youth populations poses challenges for societies and threatens the stability, security, and prosperity of nations. In support of the Summit of the Americas, this project will focus on U.S. efforts to support educational, social, and employment opportunities for at-risk and disadvantaged youth and to help them avoid crime, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and sub-standard academic performance. Participants will explore a variety of government and private sector education, social, and recreational initiatives and programs for youth that also reduce crime. They will learn about prevention-focused approaches, family support initiatives, sports and after-school activities, truancy and dropout prevention projects, job training, and programs to counter gang activity. Participants will explore the efforts of schools, community-based organizations, and faith-based groups as well as programs supported by local, state, and national government.

Disability Rights

Number of Visitors: 8
This is a regional project for Africa. Countries will be announced shortly.

Dates in Santa Fe: June 12-18, 2019

Societies further economic development, tap human capital, and expand democracy by removing barriers and promoting the dignity and inclusion of people with disabilities in every aspect of society. This project will examine a pillar of U.S. foreign policy: the protection of human rights for all citizens. Participants will explore how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted in 1990, and subsequent advocacy efforts have facilitated changes in building codes, labor standards, and reasonable accommodations thereby empowering persons with disabilities. Through meetings, site visits, volunteer activities, and an action planning workshop participants will enhance their understanding of programs, laws, and efforts to enrich the lives of people with disabilities.

Promoting Social Change Through the Arts

Number of Visitors: 9
This is a single country project for Afghanistan

Dates in Santa Fe: June 20-25, 2019

This project for Afghanistan brings together civil society leaders and artists working in film, education, documentary production, and art exhibition to explore social change through the arts in the United States. Participants will learn about youth outreach programs, gallery management and exhibition design, and about funding and sponsorship. They will learn how art advances women’s empowerment, promotes civic dialogue and social consciousness, provides political expression and counters violent and extremist messaging. They will explore the use of art in therapeutic and trauma-recovery programs, and will examine various and innovative art mediums, from classical painting and sculpture to expressive arts and internet-enabled art communities.

Preserving Cultural Heritage and Combating Trafficking of Conflict Antiquities

Number of Visitors: 9
This is a multi-regional project. Countries include Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain, 

Dates in Santa Fe: July 10-15, 2019

The United States works to protect the cultural heritage of countries around the world. This project will examine the programs and policies that protect cultural heritage and property rights and the laws and mechanisms that prevent the sale of conflict antiquities in the United States and worldwide. Participants will explore research and conservation techniques, funding mechanisms, advocacy methods, educational outreach efforts, and law enforcement strategies designed to protect vulnerable cultural sites, resources, and artifacts. Visits to museums, historical landmarks, monuments, memorials, national parks, schools, historical and cultural societies, and archival collections will include discussions with academic, site security, and public/private sector experts who will address cultural heritage preservation and protection challenges.

Protecting the Rights of Women & Children

Number of Visitors: 15
This is a multi-regional project: Countries include Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

Dates in Santa Fe: July 9-13, 2019

This project will address the causes of forced marriages and cultivate stakeholder capacity to design prevention and intervention strategies in South Asia, and promote non-politicized constructive dialogue between subregional South Asian professionals working in this area. Forced marriage is a human rights abuse, and developing local government and non-government capabilities to deter perpetrators and assist victims contributes to integrated country strategy objectives and serves the broader U.S. foreign policy priority of ensuring the safety and security of U.S. citizens abroad. Moreover, bringing together representatives from subregional stakeholders will multiply the impact of this initiative through experience sharing and foster mutual understanding between regional countries, further developing subregional relations and thereby paving the way for increased cooperation.

Promoting Social Change Through the Arts

Number of Visitors: 25
This is a multi-regional project: countries include Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Jamaica, Latvia, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Zambia.

Dates in Santa Fe: July 11-16, 2019

This project will examine the link between cultural engagement and community well-being by focusing on the arts as a vehicle for promoting social change and community stability. The project supports the Department’s strategic goal of promoting democracy through outreach to disaffected youth. The project will examine the critical and constructive roles that art plays in the socio-political context and in civic dialogue. It will look at the use of art in confronting social issues and problems associated with ethnic diversity, sexual orientation, and economic stratification, and reveal the particular power that the arts can have in environments where there are few venues for political speech. The project will also explore such practical themes as establishing and administering arts programs, fundraising and sustainability, and social media as a stage for the video and film arts. Participants will visit art centers and learn about community-supported arts programs that focus on disenfranchised and marginalized populations. They will explore an array of engagement models, including those focused on traditional and folk arts, painting, graphic arts and photography, as well as others that emphasize performing arts, such as dance and street theater.

Judicial System: Protecting Women & Children

Number of Visitors: TBD
This is a multi-regional project: Countries will be announced shortly.

Dates in Santa Fe: August 3-8, 2019

Nations that support the ideals of equality and inclusion are inherently more stable, peaceful, and prosperous. Protecting and empowering vulnerable citizens is not only a moral imperative but a practice that promotes social and economic development.  This project supports the Department’s strategic goal of enhancing democracy and supporting citizen security. It examines the American legal system and U.S. efforts to protect and strengthen women’s rights and the welfare of children, including within the juvenile justice system. Participants will explore family law and custody issues and examine how NGOs and local, state, and federal government promote women’s access to justice.  They will identify areas of concern specifically to women and children such as health care, reproductive rights, gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, access to education, and equal opportunities in employment. Participants will also share perspectives on challenges and successes in their home countries and best practices in advocacy on behalf of women and children.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

Number of Visitors: 16

This is a multi-regional project: Countries will be announced shortly.

Dates in Santa Fe: August 20-24, 2019

In support of Department treaties that preserve cultural heritage, and in light of the fact that sites of enormous global cultural and historic significance are disappearing every day due to declining funding and antiquated management models, this project will address best practices in cultural heritage preservation. Participants will engage in discussions with the institutions and individuals involved in the protection and documentation of cultural, historical, and natural heritage in the United States and the world at large. The project will feature site visits to museums, historical landmarks, national parks, community groups, schools, historical societies, and archival collections to highlight how the diverse histories and cultural heritages in the United States and around the world are identified, interpreted, preserved, and protected as expressions of personal and societal values.

Combating Drug Addiction

Number of Visitors: TBD

This is a single country project for Philippines

Dates in Santa Fe: August 27-31, 2019

Info TBA

Democracy & Governance in the United States (POSTPONED) 

Number of Visitors: 10
This is a single-country project for Papua New Guinea.

Dates in Santa Fe: TBD, 2019

This project will examine how transparency and accountability in government ensure public trust in the integrity and fairness of elected officials and public servants. In addition to highlighting mechanisms for transparency in government in the United States, the project will address the roles of civil society and the media as watchdogs and catalysts for the creation and maintenance of transparent and accountable government. It will also examine the United States’ decentralized governmental structure, which is designed to engage citizens in local, state, and federal policies. Participants will explore the functions of state and local governments, their interactions with the federal government, and issues of cooperation and jurisdiction among them. They will also explore the responsibilities of state and local government in public outreach and administering public services such as elections, justice, health, and education. In accord with the U.S. government’s commitment to support gender equality and empower women politically and economically, this project will also examine the U.S. experience in promoting women’s contributions in social and political affairs.

Past 2019 International Visitor Programs

Open World Program. We welcomed six Ukrainians to Santa Fe from February 1 to February 9th, here to explore the theme of “Legislators/Legislative Issues – Budgets for Social Safety Net Issues.” Ukraine is currently in the process of overhauling much of the legislative basis for its procurement, budgeting, education, energy, civil service, and health (and all other) systems as it works for greater transparency, battles the forces of corruption that are endemic to its society, and devolves power from the center to the regions/localities through the process of decentralization. These groups will consist of legislators and staffers (and those advising these bodies) on both the national and regional/local level that are looking at the budgeting process and how government funds are spent on programming for the needy in an effective and transparent manner.

Sustainable Tourism and Development

Number of Visitors: 9
This is a multi-regional project. Countries include: Algeria, Bolivia, Brunei, Chile, Dominica, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, and the West Bank.

Dates in Santa Fe: March 20-26, 2019

Tourism for pleasure, recreation, and education generates sustained economic growth and creates local jobs. Participants will examine strategies and incentives used to promote sustainable tourism, paying particular attention to the infrastructure and economic considerations necessary to support viable tourism. They will explore public-private partnerships and the role of state and local tourism bureaus. Participants will also see examples of sustainable tourism that is socially and environmentally responsible.

Strategic Approaches to Food Security and Nutrition

Number of Visitors: 7
This is a multi-regional project. Countries include: Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Serbia.

Dates in Santa Fe: March 29th, 2019

Food insecurity is a global problem, with the number of undernourished rising to over 800 million in 2016. This project will examine U.S. cooperative efforts to meet complex domestic food security challenges through government and community-based action. Participants will explore how a network of faith-based, non-profit, and other private sector organizations work together with local, state, and federal agencies to address food insecurity in the United States. This project will assess innovative grassroots actions that improve rural and urban access to nutritious food and how civil society organizations advocate for policy change. Participants will also learn how the U.S. agricultural sector is responding to challenges posed by climate change and scarce water resources.

Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

Number of Visitors: 13
This is a multi-regional project. Countries Include: Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Bulgaria, China, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Seychelles, Afghanistan, Mauritius and Cyprus.

Dates in Santa Fe: April 6 – 9, 2019.

Drug overdose deaths and opioid-involved deaths continue to increase in the United States.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the majority of U.S. drug overdose deaths (more than six out of ten) involve an opioid.  Moreover, the impact is global.  The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes estimates a minimum of 190,000 – in most cases avoidable – premature deaths from drugs, the majority attributable to the use of opioids.  This project will address efforts by federal, state and local governments in partnership with the private sector, public health and social service providers, and the law enforcement community to identify best practices for addiction prevention, treatment services, and overdose reversal with respect to prescription and illicit opioids.  Participants will also explore efforts to combat the flow of illicit narcotics.

Domestic Violence: Mediation, Family Centered Solutions, Victim Protections

Number of Visitors: 3
This is a regional project from Afghanistan

Dates in Santa Fe: April 6-10, 2019

This project will introduce Afghan legal experts and advocates to American gender-based violence mediation experts, legal advocates, and community-based support organizations. Participants will learn how domestic violence cases are addressed in the United States, focusing on formal mediation processes and also exploring outreach programs, victim legal protections, children’s services, and counseling. The project will introduce participants to lawyers, law enforcement officials, professional mediators, community activists and representatives of victim assistance organizations. Participants will see examples of court-connected mediation programs, assess their efficacy, and learn about pre-mediation screening, as well as explore mediator profession training and certification.

Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists: Research and Investigation

Number of Visitors: 22
This is a multi-regional project. Countries include: Belarus, Bolivia, Burundi, Czech Republic, Egypt, Gaza Strip, Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Ireland, Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Malawi, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Senegal, South Africa, Suriname, Tunisia, Turkey, and Venezuela. 

Dates in Santa Fe: April 11-16, 2019

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental pillars of an open and democratic society and a hallmark of the United States. The project will explore the role that journalists play in U.S. society as they investigate issues, raise awareness, and inform the public about corruption, graft, abuse of power, and other issues that impact government, local communities, business, the environment, health, safety, and society. Participants will explore the values and ethical responsibilities for accurate reporting that underlie journalistic investigations including professional standards, ethics in traditional and social media, balanced and reliable reporting, fact checking, as well as the impact of investigative journalism on U.S. history and current politics and society.

State Media: Partnership & Development

Number of Visitors: 6
This is a single-country project for Uzbekistan

Dates in Santa Fe: May 8-11, 2019

This program will introduce state media management, journalists, and content producers to a range of U.S. media entities allowing opportunities to view an alternative model as well as providing introductions for continued cooperation on content sharing and cooperation.

Minority Youth Outreach

Number of Visitors: 4
This is single-country project for France

Dates in Santa Fe: May 3

This project will focus on the issue of minority youth empowerment, including at-risk youth, in all arenas: political, economic, and social, as well as the role of all public and private actors, such as the links between the business world link and high schools and universities. The program will provide an increased understanding of the milestones that helped integrate youth of various ethnic groups into mainstream America and the challenges such groups continue to face; to examine the movements that began the quest for equality, the role of youth in championing such causes, and the role of government in creating a harmonious, livable society for all U.S. citizens. It will focus on issues relating to the integration of at-risk youth, from minority and immigrant communities, into mainstream society, while promoting civic awareness and nurturing a linkage with their ethnic heritage.

The participants will examine approaches to promoting economic and political advancement for minority and at-risk youth through educational initiatives, cultural activities, sports, and civic participation, as well as the role of social media and increasing its use by youth as a tool for advancing these issues.

NGO Management

Number of Visitors: 7
This is a multi regional project. Countries include Botswana, Greece, Mexico, Cambodia, Egypt, Gambia, Trinidad & Tobago.

Dates in Santa Fe: May 9-15, 2019

This project will highlight the role of the non-profit sector in U.S. society and the ways that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) promote an educated, engaged civil society, a cornerstone of democracy.   This project supports the Department’s strategic goal of enhancing democratic traditions.  Through visits to non-profit organizations, professional associations, federal agencies, foundations, and public service organizations, participants will examine the role of NGO management in the United States in such fields as health, education, human rights, the environment, at-risk youth, and the arts.  The participants will explore innovative non-profit management strategies, including strategic planning, use of social media and new technologies, fundraising, board development, and the effective use of volunteers. They will also explore the prevalence of public-private partnerships in civic space.

Women as Drivers of Social and Economic Change

Number of Visitors: 15
This is a multi regional project for Central and South America. Countries include: Venezuela, Panama, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Uruguay and Mexico.

Dates in Santa Fe: May 23-28, 2019

The untapped potential of women is a lost opportunity for economic growth, political participation and social development. This project will explore the role that women leaders in politics, business, public service and civil society play as agents of change and advancement in their communities. Participants will look at examples of how women have led change on social, political, gender, family, youth, and health related issues. They will meet with women’s organizations and influential women in public service, politics, NGOs, businesses, foundations, schools, and community organizations to discuss their contributions to issues affecting women, families, children, and society at large.  They will explore a variety of programs designed to encourage and prepare women to take on leadership roles. The project will include examples of successful public-private sector cooperation and corporate initiatives to foster women’s advancement.

2018 International Visitor Programs

We welcomed 48 international journalists to Santa Fe for Journalism under Fire, all brought through the STate Department’s Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists. Here is a list of all attending journalists.

Women Leaders Promoting Peace and Security. Seventeen women leaders in politics, civil society, and law enforcement will visit Santa Fe to meet their counterparts in the New Mexico legislature, and NGO organizations here. The focus of the visit will be combating Human Trafficking and domestic violence crimes in the state. Participants will also enjoy home hospitality with local families. Arriving in Santa Fe October 17th.

Combating Trafficking of Conflict Antiquities and Preserving Cultural Heritage. Eleven archaeologists and antiquities managers from the Middle East and North Africa will visit Northern New Mexico to look at preservation of indigenous cultural heritage sites, documentation and archiving of art and cultural traditions, and repatriation of trafficked art and ceremonial items. The program will take participants as far as Taos, Bandelier, and Santa Clara, New Mexico. Visitors will enjoy dinner with local families during their stay. Arriving in Santa Fe October 24th.

Language Preservation for Russia. Eight community leaders, youth mentors, and university professors from indigenous communities across Russia will visit northern New Mexico to consider preservation of and bilingual education in the Navajo language. Participants will be based in Farmington, NM to meet representatives from Navajo high schools, colleges, and tribal government officials during their program. Arriving in Farmington, October 28th.

NGO Management II. In the second rendition of this project, focused on best practices and community impact in the nonprofit center, six participants from the Caribbean, Central Asia, East Asia, and Europe will visit Santa Fe to meet their counterparts. Professional meetings will focus on community impact for NGO organizations providing social services to underserved communities in New Mexico and for those promoting human rights. Participants will also have dinner with a local family. Arriving in Santa Fe September 19th.

Empowering Youth to Strengthen Communities and Prevent Violence. Six representatives from South East Asia will visit Santa Fe to explore ways to facilitate educational, economic, and civic opportunities for at-risk and disadvantaged youth. Visiting local youth service centers, they will focus on organizational approaches to prevent young populations from engaging in anti-social and self-destructive behaviors. During their stay, the participants will have cultural exchanges and meetings with local families. Arriving in Santa Fe August 1.

African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP). Twenty two women business owners and entrepreneurs from Africa will visit Santa Fe to consider opportunities for women business owners in the U.S.  They will discuss specific roles of handicraft artisans and agricultural entrepreneurs in local economies and consider the essential role of non-governmental and grassroots organizations in supporting women’s development and empowering women. They will volunteer at Santa Fe folk art market during their stay in Santa Fe. Arriving in Santa Fe July 14

Integrity in Journalism – Thailand. Four journalists will join us here in Santa Fe to explore the role that journalists play in U.S. society as they investigate issues, raise awareness, and inform the public about corruption, graft, abuse of power, and other issues that impact government, local communities, business, the environment, health, safety, and society. They will explore the values and ethics that underlie journalistic investigations and the impact of investigative journalism on U.S. history and current politics and society; and assess the impact of social media, citizen journalism, and alternative forms of reporting within the context of providing factual, accurate and verifiable information. Arriving in Santa Fe July 25.

We Americas Program for Women Entrepreneurs. Eleven women Entrepreneurs from Latin America will visit Santa Fe to examine the roles of government, nonprofits, and the private sector in promoting the development of women owned businesses. Participants will also explore the role of women-owned business and how they impact economic development, democratization and stabilization and will also learn how these business help encourage the growth of the private sector. Arriving in Santa Fe June 18.

Sustainability in the Mining Industry. Four representatives from mining companies and human rights activists from the Democratic Republic of Congo will visit Santa Fe to discuss best practices in environmentally responsible mining operations. also, Visitors will be exposed to effective environmental protection systems and mining extraction laws. They will enjoy home hospitality with local families on the weekend during their visit. Arriving in Santa Fe April 5.

Minority Participation in the Political Process. Twelve participants from South America will visit Santa Fe to explore the roles of education, religion, and culture in a pluralistic society, and examine case studies on the evolution of race relations and discrimination in the United States. They will discuss strategies to engage youth and underserved and excluded populations in U.S society to increase their participation in economic growth, civic activities and political affairs. Arriving in Santa Fe April 12.

Promoting Social Change Through the Arts II. Eleven Artists from all around the world will visit Santa Fe to consider strategies for encouraging community development, conflict management, and youth leadership skills. They will discuss constitutionally guaranteed free expression in the arts and demonstrate the power of artists to shape contemporary values and build civil society. Arriving in Santa Fe April 16

Eco-Tourism for Bolivia. Ten tourism representatives and tour operators from Bolivia will visit Santa Fe to learn how eco-tourism in the U.S. contributes to the conservation of protected habitats, wildlife refuges, and national parks while benefitting local economies and promoting related commerce. also, Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in local activities like rafting and hiking. Arriving in Santa Fe April 14.

Building Regional Resilience to Environmental Challenges. Seven volunteers from South Asia will visit Santa Fe to learn how various stakeholders anticipate and develop contingency plans for natural disaster

occurring, as a result of climate change. Also, they will visit the Taos Earthships and learn about the systems, design evolutions, international projects through the Earthships Academy, including its humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico. Visitors will enjoy home hospitality with local family. Arriving in Santa Fe April 21

Women and Entrepreneurship II. Thirteen women business owners and entrepreneurs from twelve different countries will visit Santa Fe to consider the essential role of non-governmental and grassroots organizations in supporting the development of women-owned businesses. They will meet representatives from WESST,SFBI, and panel of entrepreneurs they serve and discuss societal barriers facing entrepreneurs in New Mexico, especially women. Arriving in Santa Fe April 21.

Towards a More Safe and Secure World: Transnational Crime Issues. Seven police officers from seven different countries will visit Santa Fe to learn about the structure of the U.S criminal justice system, and how its principles are applied to the prosecution of transnational crime. They will discuss supporting future global cooperation against terrorism and other international criminal activities. Visitors will tour Santa Clara pueblo’s Puye cliffs and explore the Santa Fe plaza on the weekend during their visit. Arriving in Santa Fe April 21

Implementation of the Hague Convention Against International Parental Child Abduction for Pakistan. Eight legal experts and judges from Pakistan will visit Santa Fe to meet U.S counterparts will learn how the international law is implemented in the United States and the U.S. judicial process related to international parental child abduction (IPCA) case. Visitors will enjoy home hospitality with local families in Santa Fe. Arriving in Santa Fe March 1.

Improving the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Colombia. Five entrepreneurs from Colombia will visit Santa Fe to discuss about the way to promote and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colombia. They will meet the regional headquarters of WESST and other business mentoring organizations to discuss micro loan opportunities and technical resources. Arriving in Santa Fe March 9

American Language and Multicultural Diversity project. Thirteen TESL (English as a second language) teachers representing thirteen different countries, and nearly every continent, will visit Santa Fe to consider language instruction in the American cultural context. They will discuss educational policy-making at the national, state, and local level and share challenges for language teachers. They will also have dinner with local host families. Arriving in Santa Fe March 22.

Disability, Access to Services, and Accommodation for Russia. Nine program Coordinators and Project Managers from Russia will visit Santa Fe to meet New Mexico government officials and the director of NM school for the Deaf to improve accessibility in the U.S. Visitors will discuss focus on the economic approaches to accessibility and familiarize participants with an incentive-disincentive approach. Arriving in Santa Fe March 23.

Domestic Violence, Women and Children’s Issues for Iraq. Six Iraqi Women, working in the justice system and in NGO organizations, will consider strategies for combatting and prosecuting domestic violence in the U.S. They will have dinner with local host families, and meet with local and tribal police forces, and visit district courts, victim shelters, and advocacy groups. Arriving in Santa Fe January 20, 2018.

Promoting Social Change Through the Arts a Multi-Regional Project. Eighteen artists representing eighteen different countries, and nearly every continent, will visit Santa Fe to engage with the vibrant arts scene here. From looking at youth empowerment through the arts, to state support for arts education, participants will visit many of the city’s most creative spaces. They will also participate in a world affairs trivia night on February 5th, hosted by CIR, and have a home cooked meal with local families. Arriving in Santa Fe February 1, 2018.

Indigenous Groups – Russia. Six leaders from Finno-Ugric communities in the Arctic Region of Russia will visit Santa Fe to learn about preservation of indigenous languages and cultures in the Southwest. They will stay with host families and participate in community events at local schools, visit one or more of the northern Pueblos, and speak with leaders of NGO organizations and championing indigenous rights in New Mexico. Arriving in Santa Fe February 1, 2018.

Tourism and Economic Development for Japan. A single participant from Japan, representing the country’s national tourism ministry, will explore rural tourism initiatives and state support for tourism in Santa Fe and Taos. They will enjoy home hospitality with a local family, as well as visits to state and local tourism departments, ski areas, chambers of commerce, etc. in the region. Arriving in Santa Fe February 3, 2018.

Women and Entrepreneurship for the Palestinian Territories. Seven women business owners, entrepreneurs, and micro-financing experts from the West Bank and other Palestinian regions will visit Santa Fe to meet with women who are leaders of local businesses, and those who are assisting women to become entrepreneurs. They will enjoy home hospitality with local families and explore the Santa Fe plaza on a weekend during their visit. Arriving in Santa Fe February 10, 2018.

Education, Entrepreneurship and Community Development: Engaging the African Diaspora. Eight Leaders in Business and education from West Africa will visit for a weekend to explore Santa Fe and the surrounding region during their project on developing creating sustainable, community-oriented development in small businesses and education systems. This group’s project will primarily be hosted in Albuquerque by our sister council, Global Ties ABQ. Arriving in Santa Fe February 10, 2018.

Combating the Opioid Epidemic in North America: A project for Canada. Five leaders of NGOs and government entities from across Canada will consider responses to the rising epidemic of opioid drug use in the U.S. They will visit rehabilitation centers at the New Mexico State Penitentiary, representatives from the Santa Fe Police, and meet with local students to discuss health education programs. Arriving in Santa Fe February 15, 2018.

NGO Management and Engaging Civil Society for the Middle East and North Africa. Ten leaders of regional NGOs in the Middle East and North Africa will meet with their counterparts from nonprofit organizations in Santa Fe to discuss collaboration among NGOs, donor management & fundraising, strategic planning, and much more! Arriving in Santa Fe February 26, 2018.

Transparency and Accountability in Government for Europe. Fourteen government leaders from Across Europe will visit Santa Fe to consider mechanisms for combating public corruption, publishing transparent and publicly accessible records, and infrastructure for fair elections. Participants will enjoy home hospitality with Santa Feans, as well as compete in a world affairs trivia competition with other IVLP groups in town and young professionals in Santa Fe (hosted by CIR). Arriving in Santa Fe March 6, 2018.

Criminal Prosecution and the U.S. Penal System for the Middle East and North Africa. Ten representatives from criminal justice systems and courts across the Middle East will visit Santa Fe to observe the workings of the U.S. criminal justice system. Visitors will speak with public defenders to consider the merits of mandatory legal representation for defendants, coordination between law enforcement and state/local courts, and systems for prisoner rehabilitation and job training in the prison system. Visitors will also participate in a world affairs trivia night hosted by CIR! Arriving in Santa Fe March 8, 2018.

NGO Management in the United States: A Multi-Regional Project. Twenty leaders of regional NGOs from nearly every continent will meet with their counterparts from nonprofit orgs in Santa Fe to discuss collaboration among NGOs, donor management & fundraising, strategic planning, media outreach, engaging youth in service work, and more. Arriving in Santa Fe March 8 2018.

Public Health: Infectious Diseases: A Multi-Regional Project. Fifteen health experts and doctors from around the world will visit Santa Fe to consider combating Hepatitis C and HIV rates. Participants will visit the New Mexico Department of Health, various health facilities and free infectious disease testing sites in the city, consider harm reduction models related to injection drug-use, and meet with NGO leaders educating the public about the risks of infectious disease. Visitors will enjoy home hospitality with local families in Santa Fe. Arriving in Santa Fe March 31, 2018.

 October 2017

October 11-17: Arts and Community Revitalization (4 Arts managers from Bahrain). In Santa Fe, we will introduce visitors to the unique art traditions of the American southwest through explorations of arts education in schools, the growth of DIY Community Arts Spaces, and state and local government support for the arts. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore artist collectives in the region including fiber arts collectives in Northern New Mexico.
October 11-15: Women and Entrepreneurship (6 Entrepreneurs and artists from Tajikistan). In the course of this program, we will engage Tajik artists and small business owners with business incubators, support groups for entrepreneurs, small business, and artist collective models for marketing and distributing regional handicrafts. Participants will learn about micro-loan opportunities for American entrepreneurs, discuss mentoring opportunities for start-ups, online marketing, and social entrepreneurship models for businesses.

October 19-20: Indigenous Leadership (8 Youth Mentors and Educators from Australia). During this program, participants will have the opportunity to engage with their counterpart youth mentors at the Santa Fe Indian School and the Institute for American Indian Arts, as well as nonprofit organizations including Wings for America and Silver Bullet Productions, and government state government entities including the New Mexico Bureau of Indian affairs. With their colleagues in the U.S., Australian participants will discuss advocacy and education for youth from indigenous communities, as well as issues of sovereignty, tribal governance, and land rights relevant to this region.
October 18-21: Science for Parks; Parks for Science (8 Park Rangers and Protected Area Managers from Peru). During this project, visitors will exclusively visit Durango Colorado and protected areas across Southern Colorado to discuss best practices in National Park management, wildlife protection, and mitigating the effects of human presence in the San Juan National Forest. Although participants will not step foot in Santa Fe, our organization is coordinating the logistics for this project and developing meeting opportunities at Mesa Verde National Park, with the San Juan National Forest Ranger Station, City council and Mayors office in Durango, CO, and more.

October 17-21: Resilient Societies: Job Creation for Youth (6 Youth Mentors, Educators, and Employment Advocates from Morocco). In Santa Fe, participants from Morocco will engage with youth mentoring organizations, secondary schools and business mentoring advocates to consider strategies for employing youth in Northern New Mexico. During this meetings, discussions will address vocational education and training for youth, engagement through the arts, and employment training and fair hiring practices.

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June 2017

June 2-12: Our Council, once again, is delighted to host a group of Ukrainian environmental experts for a homestay program on behalf of the Open World Leadership Center and U.S. Ukraine Foundation. Local host families from within our membership will welcome visitors to our community for a week; we will create connections among leaders of local nonprofits, government entities, and indigenous communities with our visitors to consider mutual interests in environmental protection.

June 4-14: Building a Palestinian National Opera (4 education leaders from the West Bank). CIR is honored to receive four leaders in the arts and eduction from the West Bank to collaborate on capacity building efforts to get the Palestinian National opera team launched in time for Bethlehem’s upcoming year-long position as the 2020 Culture Capital of the Arab World.

June 7: NGO Management in the U.S. (20 Nonprofit directors from around the world). CIR will host 20 visiting nonprofit directors from nearly every continent, to consider NGO management structures, fundraising, and collaboration. In New Mexico, they’ll focus on meeting nonprofit directors from environmental protection organizations , international NGO’s, and arts organizations.

June 17-20: Emerging African Leaders ( 9 Business Leaders from francophone Africa). Santa Fe has the opportunity to host 9 entrepreneurs and business advocates from across French speaking Africa. They will meet with organizations that support entrepreneurship, including State Government entities, local business incubators, and artist collectives.

June 21-24: Cultural Heritage Preservation for Belarus ( 5 Belarusian non-profit directors). CIR is proud to host 5 cultural preservation organization leaders from Belarus to learn about Santa Fe’s unsurpassed historic preservation and cultural heritage. They will also be speaking publically at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture about the history and culture of Belarus (3pm, Friday June 23, free for CIR members).

June 25th: Cultural Heritage Preservation in the U.S. (13 Visitors from a diverse group of nations). CIR has been given the honor of hosting 13 international leaders in Santa Fe. The visitors will meet with individuals involved in the education, promotion and conservation of cultural Heritage. They will also take site visits to several unique cultural heritage sites in several of the 19 Pueblos.

June 28th: Refugee and Migration Integration in Europe ( 14 Visitors from around Europe). CIR will host 14 European visitors who will meet with city officials, Mayor Gonzales, and state legislators to discuss Santa Fe’s Sanctuary City Status, and discuss resettlement and integration in the U.S. and Europe.

 July 2017

July 13-16: African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (5 African Women Business Leaders). Santa Fe will host 5 African Women business leaders from a variety of industries. These leaders will discuss small business development, gender dynamics in local and international economies, and the role of NGO’s in women’s empowerment.

July 19-25: Preventing Looting of Conflict Antiques and Cultural Heritage Preservation (19 International Visitors from the Middle East and North Africa). Santa Fe is proud to host 19 internationals from Arab nations to consider best practices in prevention of the looting and trafficking of cultural antiques. The visitors will share their knowledge surrounding artifact maintenance and tracking with archeologists, historians, and state government entities in and around Santa Fe.

August 2017

August 5–8: Entrepreneurship for Regional Revitalization (5 Entrepreneurs from Japan). Overlapping with the Global Ties regional summit and Learning Lab, we have the opportunity to host 5 Japanese entrepreneurs, considering rural revitalization and collaborations between business, governments, and nonprofits to encourage creative collaborate development.

August 6-9: U.S. Society, Culture, and Education (4 Visitors from Latin America). Four representatives of American Spaces in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica will participate in a program focusing on American history, society, and English language education. They will visit Santa Fe to learn about and experience U.S. cultural diversity, the role of NGOs, public private partnerships, and volunteerism.

August 17-23: Accountability in Government (8 Prosecutors and Legal Advisors from Jordan). We are pleased to host 8 participants from Jordan who will be engaging elected officials and NGO groups to examine the methods employed by the public sector to prevent corruption, encourage ethical leadership and transparency, and ensure accountability and responsibility to the public.

August 18-23: Tourism and Economic Development (12 Tourism Officials from Saudi Arabia). Santa Fe will host visiting tourism officials from across Saudi Arabia to explore trends in tourism, such as adventure tourism, cultural tourism, food tourism, family tourism, heritage tourism, and eco-tourism; and to discuss strategies for advocacy for the U.S. tourism industry.

August 24–30: Our Planet: Parks and Protected Area Management (7 Park Rangers from across the globe). CIR will create connections among international park rangers and their counterparts at the Santa Fe regional NPS headquarters, regional National Monuments, and other protected areas in the Santa Fe National forest. Discussion will include protecting sensitive eco-systems, and endangered wildlife.

September 2017

September 21-27: Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders II (12 elected officials and leaders from across Europe). In Santa Fe, we will expose participants to current political, economic, and social issues at the state and local levels. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the pluralistic nature of the United States and regional variations through exposure to all levels of the political system and key social and economic issues, such as education, regional economic challenges, social welfare, environment, energy, health care, immigration and security.