As a member-driven organization, CIR relies on the involvement of volunteers to help manage our programs. Volunteering with CIR is a rewarding experience. Some activities require little time commitment, while others take more time but return greater rewards.

There are many ways to volunteer, including:

  • Coordinating visits for our international visitors. This can include arranging professional meetings in advance, and then escorting visitors (via arranged transport) to those meetings over 2-3 days.
  • Hosting international visitors for dinner at your home. This is typically 5-7 visitors total, (including translators as needed).
  • Lodging international visitors for up to 7 days at your home. We only ask for this kind of volunteer from our membership 1-2 times per year total. There is a small stipend paid.
  • Host a reception at your home. This could include a new-member reception or a VIP reception of donors and other CIR supporters.
  • Assist CIR with events. This includes selling tickets, ensuring speaking venues are set up properly, distributing programs at events etc.
  • Assist CIR with delivering educational programs in local schools and colleges. This could include facilitating an activity or simulation. (Background check and/or interview may be required.)
  • Serve on CIR’s Board of Directors. Contact Sandy <sandy@sfcir.org> if you think this is something you might wish to do.
  • Serve on a CIR Board Committee. Depending on the time of year have about 6-10 Board committees working on things like our Annual Gala, our programing, and our educational programs.
  • Work on grant proposals or other fundraising efforts.

There are many other opportunities to volunteer at CIR, but the above are fairly typical ways to contribute to CIR. Note: volunteering is absolutely not a requirement of membership.

Contact Us

For general office assistance, please contact Susan Jay to learn more.

Contact Joey Schultz to learn more about the International Visitors program, an exciting opportunity that connects international visitors with their Santa Fe peers.

Contact Tacarra Lake to learn about volunteer opportunities with CIR’s high school education programs.

Contact Sandy Campbell to learn more about serving on CIR’s Board of Directors or a Board Committee.