World Affairs Discussion Addresses Drones and International Law

BEST gomien passport photo cropped color smallerTopic:  Drones and International Law

Presenter:  Donna Gomien

Location:  Santa Fe Woman’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail

Cost: $15 CIR Members and $20 Nonmembers & Guests

Complimentary wine and cheese will be served at this event.  Attendance is limited.  Advance reservations required.

For over ten years, the United States has been using armed drones in circumstances and for purposes of questionable legality. However, ever since the inception of the armed drone program the public debate over their use has largely glossed over this fundamental issue, simply accepting the lawfulness of their use as an established fact and focusing instead on such questions as which governmental agency should be responsible for drone operations, how to avoid killing US citizens in drone attacks and so forth. The focus of this presentation will be to examine the validity of the presumption that the use of drones is legal, through a review of the relevant applicable law, with a particular emphasis on the international treaties binding on the United States.

Donna Gomien is a retired expert in international human rights law, with a specialization in European human rights law. In addition to teaching these and related subjects, she was engaged in helping Eastern European countries bring their laws and practices into conformity with Western European human rights standards. After the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, she also served as Deputy Ombudsperson for Human Rights in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo and as Human Rights and Legal Adviser to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Mission to Croatia.

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