World Affairs Discussion Luncheon

20091029 Arvid LundyIran’s Nuclear Threat: Real or Hype?


Arvid Lundy, A retired engineer from Los Alamos National Laboratory

Location: Santa Fe Hilton, 100 Sandoval Street

Cost: $25/CIR Members; $32/Non-members and Guests

Presentation Summary:

Much has been said in recent articles in printed press and television news programs about the emerging nuclear threat from Iran. Arvid Lundy has followed Iran’s nuclear program for years. He will discuss the history of the development of the Iranian nuclear program: started under the Shah with U.S. support, ignored by the U.S. and Europe during the aftermath of the Iranian revolution until the agreement of Russia to supply Iran with nuclear technology including an enrichment plant. Recent efforts by the IAEA and European Union have not persuaded Iran to modify its nuclear program.

Arvid’s presentation will also address additional topics which will be the stage for our moderated discussions.

  • How real is the Iranian nuclear threat?
  • Does Iran have qualified personnel to run a nuclear program?
  • Can enough nuclear material be diverted from its power program to make nuclear weapons?
  • What can the United States and the international community do to contain the Iranian nuclear threat?
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