Young Global Citizens

Young Global Citizens (YGC) is a once-per-month digital meeting with high school students from across New Mexico who are interested in learning about the world beyond New Mexico.

YGC introduces high school students to global topics in addition to providing students information about college and career pathways. Students have the opportunity to engage one-on-one with professionals who have had compelling overseas experiences and careers, students may consider career pathways to which they may not have been previously exposed.

Who are the speakers?

Amb. Susan Rice meeting with students (March 2020)

Speakers are selected from NM organizations and CIR’s established Speakers Bureau; they typically cover an array of topics, from global security or arms control at the National Labs to the U.S. foreign service, to medical careers.

To enhance the YGC experience, CIR utilizes Google Classroom. YGC participants gain access to CIR’s Google Classroom throughout the academic year, where they can post questions on a moderated discussion board and access additional resources. Each resource is developed in careful collaboration with the speaker. Resources range from internships and experiential opportunities to basic information about the speaker’s experiences and career. 

How can I participate?

YGC provides unique one-on-one college and career mentoring opportunities to students. There is no program fee or application for students to participate in YGC. Students must be currently enrolled in high school (or a recent 2020 high school graduate).

  • Meetings last one and a half hours and are held on Tuesdays, from 5:00-6:30 PM online, via Zoom.
  • Interested students will register, for free, on this webpage. They will receive a Zoom link in their email, shortly before the scheduled meeting.
  • Participants are not required to do any homework before or after the meeting.
  • Students do not have to attend every meeting. If students are only interested in attending the session on nonproliferation and cybersecurity, they are not required to attend the other sessions.

Benefits of participation

  • Eligible for CIR Letter of Recommendations
  • Students who attend multiple meetings will have internship and fellowship preference
  • Meet high school students from across New Mexico
  • No homework or attendance requirements
  • Use “Young Global Citizen” status on resumes and college applications

Schedule and Registration

Coming soon! Please check back with our website frequently to learn about upcoming YGC meetings and access registration!